Android SD Card Data Recovery

 It is easy-to-use SD card recovery software that can successfully recover deleted or lost photos, music, video, and hypermedia files from almost all digital SD cards. After illustrations like deletion of data, exploitation/corruption and formatting of memory card etc. Recover Android sd card tool is secure and risk-free. The software performs read-only operations on your memory card. It is a read only tool that identifies all deleted files from memory card and it does not even affect the original file content of your memory card during the recovery process. It supports sd card recovery from Android for all the latest versions of Android OS (Jelly bean, Ice cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Froyo, Éclair, donut, cupcake, apple-pie, and banana bread).

Have you lost your data mistakenly from your SD card?

Let us consider a scenario, you were trying to send someone a photo from your phone's Memory card and you will get an error message like: "you can't attach this picture to your message." So, you will un-mount and re-mount the SD card, but no luck. Then you will plug your phone into your PC, and the Memory card displays no data (despite 2 GB of its space being used). The phone now will not able to identify the SD card.

Now the question is, How can you get the photos from the corrupted SD card?
Typically, there are 2 ways for a cell phone to save the images it takes - by internal phone memory or by external memory (memory card). If the lost photographs were saved in an external memory (memory card), it has a superior chance to know how to retrieve photos from Android, click here.

If you have accidentally formatted your SD card or it may got corrupted and your apps, music and pictures won’t get load on your Device and you feel like you have lost everything. Then use this software to recover Android SD card files.

“Don’t be panic” there is a good solution for sd card recovery from Android, sometimes it may happen that, unfortunately you can delete some data files also, in order to recover those data file and as well as the .apk files, Android SD card data recovery tool will help you to retrieve deleted files from Android. Know more about this by visiting this link

Supported memory cards

Memory Stick Micro (M2), which is widely used in Sony-Ericsson phones. RS-MMC , Mini SD, Micro SD, Trans Flash card and Micro SDHC.

Corrupting of SD card and data loss Scenarios:

  • Improper Handling: Forcefully removing of memory card while transferring the images or while capturing pictures will lead to loss of images. Keeping pictures in the memory card beyond its size results in loss of photos. After that use this Android SD card data recovery software for easy recovery.
  • Unintentional Formatting: By clicking a single button unintentionally leads to the loss of all the complete data files from SD card. No need to worry, you can recover Android SD card data easily using this software.
  • Virus/malware attacks: Virus attack to the device and corrupts all the files present in it including apk files.
  • Turning “off and on” of device improperly: Quickly removal of battery when the device is in working state.

Precautions to be maintained:

  • Suddenly don't remove your SD card when the mobile is in running state.
  • Make sure that you have not selected your important files while deleting unwanted data from your device.
  • Don’t send or receive any data from a virus infected device.
  • Avoid formatting of your SD card unintentionally.
  • Always keep a backup of your important data.

Supported features.

Extract and recover all deleted/lost files immediately. Option to save a recovery session. It has a Batch Recovery which recovers multiple files in a moment of time. Used uniquely advanced techniques for apk file recover. This tool does SD card recovery from Android and recover deleted, lost and missing files. You can find the file in date wise and as well as size wise. Activation can be done through offline by having an unlock code also. You can save and open a disk image file also. Enables us to know how to retrieve apk files from an android phone. This is one of the best tool by making use of which you can easily recover deleted files from Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy, et. in just a matter of second.  Take a look of this page for more information on how to get back deleted images from Motorola Atrix Smartphone:

Steps to perform SD card recovery from Android?

Step 1: You can download and install this Android SD card data recovery tool which hardly takes a few minutes. Connect your Android phone or SD card device to your PC and launch the software. Upon successful launch click on either RECOVER DELETED FILES button or RECOVER LOST FILES whichever suits your data loss case for sd card recovery from Android.

SD Card Recovery from Android - Main Screen

Step 2: It will setup a connection with your attached device and Scan your entire device including your internal and as well as external memory card. Select a particular Storage Device and click on NEXT button.

SD Card Recovery from Android - Storage Device

Step 3: Select the file type as you want to be recover (expand & tick box) and click on NEXT button.Then it starts searching for lost data.

SD Card Recovery from Android - File Types

Step 4:You will find different folders, you can select a single or multiple folders to recover and then click on NEXT button. After this step you can choose the outpu folder where you want the recovered data to be stored.

SD Card Recovery from Android - Multiple Folders