Android APK File Recovery Software

 The Android platform has grown to become a favorite among developers. It is the most useful recovery software which provides best apk file recovery features for Android operating system. Android application package file (.apk) is the file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google Android operating System.

What is an apk file?
It is an Android application package file. Apk files are zip file formatted packages based on the jar file formats, with .apk file extensions. Apk folder is split into more sub folders within it.

Let us consider one scenario,

A considerable amount of space is used up by .apk files on your mobile phone including with apps, which cannot be moved to the SD card (Ex: Adobe Flash player and Google Maps). In those directories, there are .apk files. In order to free some space in your internal memory of your device, imagine you have delete those .apk folder completely to save space and after deleting the folder you may notice that some of your application software is not able to run in your device. Then you will be in confusion mode and you may ask your friends by saying that, this particular application was working properly. You may get different answers, but the fact is that the .apk folder is deleted which was responsible for running your applications.

 "Take it easy" there is a good solution to recover apk files, sometimes it may happen that, unfortunately we may delete some data files also, in order to retrieve apk files, there is a powerful tool called as deleted file recovery software for Android, using which you can also perform apk file recovery on your Android phone.

Suppose you have saved apk file in your SD card and suddenly it may get corrupted for that you should know how to restore SD card on Android, just go through this link to more about this

Scenarios that may affect your .apk files:

  • Virus Infection: Anti-virus may cause damage to apk files and folders in which virus enters our device it’s both from internet and from the infected drives. They damage the existing apk files and make them isolated. Then, use this tool to retrieve apk files easily.
  • Power Flow: Repeatedly power cuts while operating the device will cause damage to the file which was open.
  • Unintentional Deletion: There are several apps and files in the device which we use it every-day. Occasionally while screening the pictures present we may unfortunately select all files and may delete it. No worry, this application will help you to retrieve apk files.
  • Improper Shut Down: Improper shut down of the device while operating or the application program is still in use will result in damage of files.

Precautions to be maintained:

Stop deleting apk files because it is the one which runs your Android mobile application. If you think that you may get some free space by deleting some unwanted files including .apk files then you are not able to run your specific Android application in your device.

If you find that your apk files got deleted then recover it as soon as possible by carrying out apk file recovery to operate a particular application and always keeps a backup of your important files and folders.

Supported features.

Extract and recover all deleted apk files immediately. Option to save a recovery session. Available live updates. Used uniquely advanced techniques to recover apk file. Enables us to know how to retrieve data Android. You can find the file in date wise and as well as size wise. Activation can be done through offline by having an unlock code also. You can save disk image file also. This tool also knows how to recover images from Android in a couple of minutes.

Steps to carry out apk file recovery from your Android device.

Step 1: Download and install a free trial version of an Android recovery tool with its default setup  Wizard. Connect your Android phone or multimedia device to your PC and launch the Android recovery software tool then click on RECOVER DELETED FILES button to recover apk files deleted from your Android device.

Apk File Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: It will setup a connection with your attached device and Scan your entire device including your internal and as well as external memory card. Select a particular physical drive and click on NEXT button.

Apk File Recovery - Select Android Drive

Figure 2: Select Android Drive

Step 3: If you want to recover apk files then you should select archives file type then click on NEXT button.Then it starts searching for lost data.

Apk File Recovery - Select File Types

Figure 3: Select File Types

Step 4:You will find a window where you can find apk folder, just select that folder and click on NEXT button.

Apk File Recovery - Resulted Files after Scan

Figure 4: Resulted Files after Scan

Step 5:Select an output folder in which you want to restore your data,then click on NEXT. 

Apk File Recovery - Save File on Drive

Figure 5: Save File on Drive