Recover Android Data after Factory Reset

Android is an Operating System which is used in today’s phones like Smartphones and in Tablets. Android became popular due to its advanced features like compatible with PC, high performance, portability and many other features.

All Android phones have an option known as factory reset. Now the question arises in many people, what actually factory reset means. Here is an answer for that, factory reset is nothing but an option which allows the phone to fix in its initial condition as how it was brought from shop. When factory reset is performed then the information present in mobile like images, videos, contacts, applications, audios, etc. will be deleted or lost. This situation makes you to think how to recover data from Android after factory reset. There is no need to worry, here is a software named Android recovery, which lets you recover your lost data back after factory reset. The software works well on different brands of phone like Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. running with Android OS. However, before knowing the detail process of Android data recovery after factory reset, let us know when the need of factory reset arises.

When factory reset is performed?

Many situation will arise to perform factory reset, few of them are:

  1. When mobile applications are working slowly.
  2. To delete harmful virus and malwares permanently.
  3. Before selling the phone to delete personal information’s present in phone.
  4. To bring all application settings back to its initial stage.
  5. To delete some unwanted mobile applications factory reset is performed.

Other scenarios for data loss:

Accidental loss: When new phone is brought, all will be curious to check each and every option. During this time without knowing if factory reset is performed, then all information is deleted.

Formatting memory card: Due to memory full, virus, malware attack we format memory card and during this time all images, videos, audios will be deleted.

Viruses and malware: While browsing, viruses or malware will enter your Android device and makes all the files infected leading to huge data loss from your Android device.

Mishandling phone: While transferring data from one phone to another phone, removing memory card or by some other reasons the files may get deleted.

No worry after you lose your data due to factory reset or any other reason mentioned above, here is an effective solution to perform Android data recovery after factory reset operation or because of other data loss scenarios. As mentioned above, the software called Android recovery is the ultimate solution that can easily restore data after factory reset on Android just within few simple steps. This software is user friendly and can be operated easily. It has some effective algorithms which will deeply scan your Android Smartphone to locate deleted or lost files and helps you out to recover Android data after factory reset by using its unique file attributes. This effective software supports all the popular versions of Android such as Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Honeycomb, donut, Gingerbread, Froyo etc. to recover Android data after factory reset.

Features of Android Recovery Software:

  • It is fast, effective, robust and user friendly that helps even a novice user without having any technical knowledge to recover data from Android after factory reset.
  • In addition to restore data after factory reset on Android, Android recovery software supports data recovery from all types of memory cards such as SD cards, MMC cards, Micro / Mini SD, xD cards, etc. For more information on SD card data recovery from Android, click this
  • The software is compatible to recover different file types like video, music, pictures, documents, application files and many more as it supports more than 300 file types.
  • Due to its read only feature it will restore data after factory reset on Android without damaging original file, ensures safe and secure recovery of lost or deleted data.
  • Android recovery tool facilitates you with preview option that helps you to preview recovered files before completion of the process Android data recovery after factory reset.

Precautionary measures:

  • Always backup of important file should be maintained separately when necessary can retrieve android data after factory reset.
  • Before inserting any memory card into phone first need to scan it.
  • Installing antivirus and updating it regularly is very important.
  • Avoid unnecessary downloading of applications on your Android phones.
  • Should not over write the data, if done we cannot recover android data after factory reset.

Steps to perform Android data recovery after factory reset:

Step 1: Download Android recovery software and install in the PC. Double click on icon and open the software. Using data cable connect the mobile phone to system. Then select "Recover Lost Files" option from the next screen as shown in figure below.

Recover Android Data after Factory Reset - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive of the Android phone as shown in figure and click on NEXT button. The software starts scanning for the files on the Android phone.

Recover Android Data after Factory Reset - Select Android Phone

Figure 2: Select Android Phone

Step 3: After scanning, the files will be listed on the software screen and once file are listed we can preview the files. Once software is purchased then the file can be saved to selected folders.

Recover Android Data after Factory Reset - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recovered Data