Restore Deleted Videos from LG Optimus

Today, cell phones are not just used for calling purpose. It is used for many other tasks like for playing games, listening to music, checking emails, click photos, etc… That’s why it is known as a Smartphone. These multipurpose phones are available in many brands in reasonable prices as well. So definitely, people have craze for smart phones. Some of the popular brands for Smart phones are Samsung, Sony, Apple, LG, HTC and many more. LG phones are popular for their camera quality and for natural effects of photos. So people who are more interested in camera feature, they opt for LG Smartphone.

Among various models of LG phones, LG Optimus phones are a hit for their super quality of camera and many other features. It’s like a pocket camera to click pictures & shoot videos. So while using your phone, by any chance if you accidentally delete videos, then what??  How to recover deleted videos from LG Optimus?? Is this possible?? YES!! It is possible. There are many third party tools available in internet to restore deleted videos from LG Optimus. One among them is Android Recovery program. This utility knows how to recover deleted videos from LG Optimus smartly in very few moments.

Before checking details on how does Android Recovery app retrieve deleted videos from LG Optimus, let’s see different situations where all videos can be deleted.

Most of cases, you will select videos for sharing or some other purpose and you may accidentally click on delete option. Sometimes you may format your memory card, if your videos were stored in memory card, again it’s deleted. Sometimes if your phone doesn’t work properly, you may perform Restore Factory settings. Here also all your videos are deleted. Or, if your memory card gets corrupted, your videos may get deleted.

In all these cases, you will be in need of a robust tool that knows how to recover deleted videos from LG Optimus phone in a simple way. Now let’s see features of Android Recovery & check if it is a good tool to get back deleted video files from LG Optimus.

  • The application will rigorously scan internal and external memory of LG Optimus in order to restore deleted videos from LG Optimus.
  • It works fine on different versions of Android like 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 etc… on all brands of Smart phones like Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc… to retrieve deleted videos, photos i.e., all media files and apk files efficiently. To know more on how to recover deleted files from HTC, click here:
  • The utility can undelete videos from LG Optimus on both Windows and Mac systems successfully in very few moments of time.
  • It has an additional feature of recovering deleted videos from Pen drive, external HDD, DVD, and other external storage devices, when connected to PC.
  • The software not just knows how to recover deleted videos from LG Optimus, but also knows how to retrieve lost videos from smart phone when it is formatted or reformatted as well.

All these features add up together and make job to retrieve deleted videos from LG Optimus an easy one. Not just this, there is another exceptional feature where the utility can restore data from Android with broken screen as well in fewer mouse clicks successfully. BUT this is possible only if you avoid using your memory card or your phone completely, to save any new data in them until you successfully restore deleted videos from LG Optimus. Else the previously saved videos may get over written & you may lose your favorite videos permanently. If you have mistakenly deleted important files from Micro SD card of your Android device, then to recover those deleted files follow this link:

So, PEOPLE!! The tool has a free trial version. So use it & view all your recovered videos. If you are happy with app’s performance, purchase the tool and save your favorite, memorable videos for life time. Well!! Now, if your friends ask you – “How to recover deleted videos from LG Optimus”, you can smile and say “It’s simple. Use Android Recovery”

Steps to retrieve deleted videos from LG Optimus:

Step 1: First download and install demo edition of Android recovery software. Connect your Android phone to PC and run the software and click on "Recover Deleted Files".

How to Recover Deleted Videos from LG Optimus - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Choose your device and click on ARROW button. Software will scan your entire device including your internal and external memory card.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from LG Optimus - Select Android Device

Figure 2: Select Android Device

Step 3: Select type of files, i.e. videos which you want to recover, and then click on NEXT. After that you can view the retrieved data.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from LG Optimus - Retrieved Data from Android

Figure 3: Retrieved Data from Android