Retrieve Photos from Android

While managing gallery of your Android device sometimes the images will be deleted knowingly or unknowingly. In order to manipulate gallery objects it is necessary to operate the device like swiping, tapping, pinch-in and Pinch-out. At that time user can accidentally delete image files from his/her device. If you do not even possess a proper backup of lost image files. Occurrence of such scenarios must have left in a frustrating state of mind, and you start thinking about how to recover photos from Android. Don't worry their a answer to this question and you can avoid the things getting worst, by recovering all your deleted image files using Android picture recovery utility software.

Have you lost your memorable pictures from your Android device?

As we know that many phone consist of both internal and external memory space in which you can store your images or data files. Let us consider a Scenario, Suppose if you have stored your images in to your SD card and suddenly it may got corrupted due to improper insertion of your SD card or you cannot access it properly and you will keep on asking to your friends about how to recover photos from Android SD card,  and you may get some responses like "you cannot retrieve the data once the SD card is corrupted" or you may get response like "you can retrieve the data but not the image files". Then of course you will be disappointed by yourself.

"Don’t be frustrated" there is an awesome tool using which you can recover Android SD card data. This Android picture recovery tool scans the corrupted SD card completely and it displays all missing files and folders so that you can retrieve it back.

In the same way, what happen when you have mistakenly deleted apk files? For that, there is a powerful tool known as Android picture recovery which knows how to restore .apk files completely. Know some more facts about this app by clicking here.

Is it necessary to possess a photo recovery tool?

 Yes, accidental deletion of image files has always been the most common and unavoidable data loss from the android device. You may have lost all your important image files by just in one wrong click. You were just cleaning some disk space by deleting some unwanted image files which doesn’t have a good clarity from your device but unfortunately the important image file got deleted.

In such a case, it is compulsory to retrieve all your erased image files from your device. For that you need to have a Android picture recovery tool in which you can take a recovery and backup of all erased image files at the same time. User can even use this utility to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy Note

Sometimes it may happen that unfortunately you can delete some data files also and worried about how to recover photos from Android. In order to recover those data file there is a powerful tool, which shows how to restore deleted files in Android. If you want to recover deleted pictures from Android device, then just visit this URL: The tool is designed with user friendly interface, even a person from non-technical background can use this app to retrieve photos from Android phone or Tablet. Use this link to get more detail

Photos are lost as a result of:

  • Virus Infection:  While uploading the images across the internet, or while using the virus infected systems for transferring the photos your memory card gets attacked by the virus and hence all the photos present in the SD card are lost.

  • Power Surge:  Taking pictures while the device is low on battery or using the device during frequent power cuts may lead to loss of pictures present in it.

  • Improper Handling:  Removing the SD card while the pictures are still being loaded or previewed leads loss of images from the SD card.

  • Unintentional Formatting: Unintentionally formatting the SD card due to various reasons may corrupt or damage the SD card which leads to loss of images.

There are many other scenarios that results in deletion of images from Android and arise the question, how to recover photos from Android. It easy to handle various data loss situations if you have Android photo recovery tool. The powerful file recovering algorithm of this application will retrieve photos from Android device in just few clicks.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Stop sending and receiving of images when the battery is low.
  • Make sure that you have not selected your important images while deleting unwanted data from your device.
  • Don’t send or receive any data from a virus infected device.
  • Avoid formatting of your SD card unintentionally.
  • Always keep a backup of your important data.
  • Use trustworthy software to retrieve photos from Android.

Features of Android photo recovery tool:

Just one click to find all deleted/formatted image files. Can preview the selected image file before recovering it. This tool knows how to recover Android data also. It has a Preview button that displays of retrievable photos or files as thumbnails. Supports for all latest versions of Android OS (Jelly bean, Ice cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Froyo, Éclair, donut, cupcake, apple-pie, and banana bread). Software can effectively be used to get back lost and deleted videos from your Android device. To know more about how to get back lost videos click here.

How to recover photos from Android:

Step 1: You can download and install the trial version of an Android recovery tool after connecting your Android device to your computer. After successfully launch the Android recovery software tool then click on either " RECOVER DELETED FILES " or ' RECOVER LOST FILES" button depending on your data loss case.

How to Recover Photos from Android - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: It will setup a connection with your attached device and Scan your entire device including your internal and as well as external memory card. Select a particular physical drive and click on NEXT button.

How to Recover Photos from Android - Select Android Drive

Figure 2: Select Android Drive

Step 3: Select the file type as Picture to be recover (expand & tick box) and click on NEXT button.Then it starts searching for lost data.

How to Recover Photos from Android - Select File Types

Figure 3: Select File Types

Step 4:You will find a window where you can find jpg folder, just select that folder and click on NEXT button.

How to Recover Photos from Android - Resulted Files after Scan

Figure 4: Resulted Files after Scan

Step 5:You can preview the images before recovering it easily and by selecting a tool option you can save a recovery session also then click on NEXT

AHow to Recover Photos from Android - Preview File

Figure 5: Preview File

Step 6:Select an output folder in which you want to restore all your images,then click on NEXT. 

How to Recover Photos from Android - Save File on Drive

Figure 6: Save File on Drive