Android Video Recovery Software

Many Android users lose their Videos from their Android devices, are you one among them? If you are then you might be worried about the question how to retrieve videos from Android? Don’t worry, you can retrieve videos that are lost from your Android application, as you know there are many others like you who lost there videos and other data from their Android gadget. The good thing is that you can recover videos from Android phone using Android recovery software. And not just videos you can even rescue lost files, images and other Android data from the Android devices.

Android is the latest and most used operating system these days in electronic gadgets like smart phones and tablets. Android is developed on Linux as its base, due to which is treated as one of the safe and secure operating system and offers users an awesome working experience in an easy and smart way. Not just working videos taken from it looks great and more realist in their appearance. It provides you to take long and high quality of the videos using your Android phone or Tablet. However you can’t say that Android is completely free from data loss, because data from Android do get deleted due to some unexpected reasons. For more queries and solution related to Android data restoration visit

Lets take a real time scenario in which you might lose or delete videos from your Android phone. Suppose you have taken your family videos and want to save it on your computer system. For which you connect your Android phone to computer, and start the data transfer process. While videos are getting transferred to computer, your computer gets sudden shutdown due to power surge. This sudden termination of the system may result in synchronization error and make your favorite videos inaccessible by corrupting the memory card that is present in your Android phone. Other scenarios for losing videos from Android are abrupt switching of Android phone, accidental deletion of the videos from phone or tablet, virus infection, corruption of boot or FAT area, OS crash. All these mentioned scenarios may make you lose videos from Android applications and you can think about how to retrieve videos from Android. But for all these problems there is a perfect tailor made solution that can effectively recover videos from Android phone and tablets that too with ease. You can even retrieve deleted files from HTC, Spice, Micromax, Sony, etc. Browse on this link to know more about HTC recovery

Android recovery software is a user friendly software that has the easy- to- use GUI that makes the recovery process easier for a user with a minimum technical knowledge. So never be tensed about how to retrieve videos from Android. It uses its powerful recovery program to retrieve deleted or lost video files from the Android device. It is one of the most widely used Android photo recoevry tool as it can easily perform the recovery of images of different types such as JPEG, MPEG, IMG, TIFF, PNG and many otheres from various models of Android phone like HTC, LG, Sony, Samsung, etc. after deletion or loss with ease. It can also retrieve deleted files, audios, and .apk files from the Android phone and tablet. Tool scans whole of the drive in just couple of minutes and it is one of the safest tools that perform data recovery, as it doesn't make any new changes or add new data to the drive from where the recovery of videos is needed.

This Android video recovery application can recover videos from Android phone, tablets and other Android devices. Videos deleted from Multimedia memory card, XD cards, SD cards can easily be restored using this tool in quick span of time. It is a complete Android recovery software and using this you won't be facing the questions like how to retrieve videos from android in future anymore. With this Android video recovery application user can even recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy Note. If you are a Samsung Galaxy Note user then go to this site for more info:

Get to know how to Retrieve Videos from Android

Step 1: First download and install demo edition of Android video recovery software. Connect your Android phone or multimedia device to your PC and run the software and click on any of the two options as per your data loss scenario.

How to Retrieve Videos from Android - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Software will get connected to your attached device and Scan your entire device including your internal and external memory card. Choose a particular physical drive and click on NEXT button.

How to Retrieve Videos from Android - Select Android Drive

Figure 2: Select Android Drive

Step 3:Select folders from which you want to retrieve videos and then click on NEXT. After that you can view the rescued data.

How to Retrieve Videos from Android - Rescued Data from Android

Figure 3: Rescued Data from Android